2017 Events along the Hudson

Friday, July 14th, 6:30-9:30 PMĀ Opening! at CAC Woodside Join a crew of local, first-nation and international artists as they reflect on their upcoming SeaChange Voyage where they will embark on a journey down the two-way river, weaving together stories of resistence and resilience in the age of climate change. This dynamic evening will bring together…

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Embracing the power of art and culture as tools for communication, from July 9 – 23 a crew of artists and activists will journey upon a 34-foot solar-powered boat – from Lake Ontario to New York City.

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The River at Risk

The expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure along the Hudson River comes at a time where the scope of the global climate crisis is becoming more apparent, and renewable energy technologies have become cost competitive to government subsidized fossil fuels.

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