Call for Collaborations:

Floating Artivist Residency – Apply now!

Bakken Route.png

[Transport routes of fracked Bakken Crude oil. Image: New York Times, 2014]

Calling all frontline and local artists along the Hudson River and the Bakken Crude Oil Supply Chain! We are seeking storytellers, musicians, visual artists, documentarians of all kinds, and cultural organizers to apply to join a “Floating Artivist* Residency” aboard Solar Sal, a 40- foot all-solar boat that will journey down the Hudson River from Troy to Newburgh, NY from July 13 – 23, 2017. Along the way, artists will be facilitated in meeting with local communities along the river and this supply chain, to exchange stories – and build networks – of resistance and resilience in the age of the climate crisis. Participating artists will be supported in the investigation, creation and sharing of new work about New York’s waterways and their relationships to fossil fuel transportation and our changing climate. We  are prioritizing frontline artists from along the Bakken Oil Transport Chain and the Hudson River, as well as indigenous artists and those from directly impacted communities of climate events such as Hurricane Sandy. Admission is rolling and space is limited, so apply soon! Additionally, we will be prioritizing artists who can attend the entire journey, but are open to proposals for collaboration for shorter durations and specific collaborations during a single event.

Our focus is to utilize the languages of art and creativity to lift-up and make visual the front line stories of resistance to fossil fuel infrastructure, as well as the community resilience to climate change, and building (re)connection with water along the Hudson watershed. We aim to develop new forms of advocacy for cultural change.

Additionally, the “Floating Artivist Residency” is intended as a tool for developing new and engaging forms of communication about the threats to, and possible futures for, the Hudson River watershed. We believe artists, with their experience in creative communication, are among the most equipped to take on this difficult task. Additionally, through the cultivation of new relationships and a community of artists, we encourage community artists and arts-organizations to play a more impactful role in protecting the Hudson River and the waters that sustain all life.

There are limited spaces aboard Solar Sal, and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis so you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. We will prioritize artists who are able to attend the entire duration of the voyage, though we also welcome specific project proposals, performances, interventions, workshops, collaborations, etc (throw an idea at us!) that may be last from a few minutes to a few days. We are organizing a closing event in New York City between July 27-29, where residents and participants are encouraged to publicly present their work. Details to come.

All food will be provided during the journey, and all accommodation will be arranged and at no charge to the participant (through camping and solidarity housing).  Travel grants are available  and limited stipends can be given to support the participation of front-line artists living along the Hudson River and the Bakken oil supply chain.

* Artivist is a combination word, & way of being, of artist & activist

To apply for this residency, send a letter of interest to seachangevoyage(at) Please includes samples of your previous work, your relationship to the river or the Bakken-crude supply chain, the dates of your availability, and highlight possible themes you’d like to explore during the “Floating Artivist Residency”.  Please include your name and “Floating Artivist Residency” in the email subject. 







Funding for the Floating Residency has been generously provided by the Orange County Arts Council