SeaChange Voyage is the brain-child of artist and activist Kevin Buckland, gratefully co-created with people and organizations all along the two-way river.

Here are just a few collaborators…we’d love to see YOU here too!



Artist, Activist, Performer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and promoter – Jayohcee is a jack of all trades. He is a First Nations Mohawk Warrior who is also a hip-hop artist from the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve which is straddled in between what is now the US and Canadian border. Naturally driven and motivated, Jayohcee killed his “For The Love of Music Tour” Summer 2016 and did ‘Wake Up the World Tour’ early 2017 with his brothers  after Standing Rock and is ready for another one. Every journey begins with one step….having spent many years perfecting his craft, the earth, future for the children as well as his performance and presentation, this talented individual is well on his way to making a footprint in the history of hip-hop along with shaking the world and entertainment industry in whole.

Jayohcee has performed, presented workshops, and shared his story all throughout North America, leading to a  family and fan base that expands globally. Jayohcee has shared the stage with the many the favourite rappers like Tech N9ne, Nataanii Means, SHAD, Ritz, Common, Moby, Aloe Black, Antoine Edwards jr, Slaughter House, N.O.R.E., Witko, Peter Jackson, Pharaoh Monch, Supaman, Red Cloud, Taboo to name a few. Organized and performed at Festivals with artist like Keith Secola, Murray Porter, Joey Stylez,and many more.

You can find Jayohcee’s latest release ‘EvG’ on Datpiff. Newly released a new single titled ‘Real Still’ from his next project which will is available on Itunes, Spotify, and 150+ online distributors as of Jun 2017. Visit for more.


Haleh Liza


Haleh Liza is a musician, poet, and translator, inspired most by the mystical poetry of her Persian heritage, the lush jungles of the Amazon where she once roamed, and the sights and sounds of Brooklyn where she lives. Her songs and poems are mystical and ecological, carrying a transcendent energy and a deep love for the earth, the waters, the forests, and the jungles.

Haleh Liza has toured with past projects Haale and The Mast through the US and Europe playing venues such as the David Byrne-curated series at Carnegie Hall, the Bonnaroo Festival, UNC Chapel Hill, Celebrate Brooklyn the Mimi Fest, and the World Music Fest in Chicago. With longtime collaborator Matt Kilmer, she has shared the stage with such artists as Reggie Watts, Hugh Maskela, Salif Keita, Teebs, Odetta, and Blonde Redhead.

Haleh is currently completing a series of poems and songs dedicated to the river she grew up on and is continuing her work on a translation project of Rumi poems. Her poems have been published by Columbia University Press and Rattapallax Press.  She has recited her poems and translations at various venues including the MET, the Fetzer Institute’s Gathering on Love and Forgiveness, Verses of Hope hosted by Brainpickings, and the Taos Poetry Festival.   She has led workshops in which she explores Rumi’s poetry and mystical themes that run through his work at Dartmouth University, University of Cincinnati, MCLA, and the Wanderlust festival.

Haleh received her BS in Biology from Stanford U and her MFA from CCNY in Poetry, where she completed a thesis of original poems and translations of the Iranian poet Sohrab Sepehri.

Haleh lives in Brooklyn where she writes, records, and teaches.

Samples of her poems and songs can be found at


Kevin Buckland


Kevin is an “artivist” (artist+activist) who for more than a decade has used his creativity to support the global climate justice movement. He believes deeply in the power of artists and creativity in creating social change. From mass-mobilizations to paper-boat flotillas and “trickster-logic” trainings, he has increasingly seen the process-based engagement of arts-organizing as a vehicle to transform society, focusing on how we organize, not just what we organize.   He is currently engaged in a series of story-telling projects that works to create, and communicate, moments of individual and collective transformation through collective action – such as this project.

Follow him on twitter: change_of_art or instagram: coloresamor


Amaranta Herrero

Amaranta is an activist researcher and an ecofeminist violinist. She holds a PhD on Environmental Sociology and works as a post-doc researcher in Norway while she participates in a myriad of both international and Spanish social and environmental movements. Her areas of expertise are related to socio-environmental conflicts and she is very interested in the different narratives we can develop and actions we can take to evolve towards the self-transformation of societies in a way that we can have a long-term perspective on ecological and social sustainability, and also engage with multi-species environmental justice.

She is part of the food and climate justice movements in Spain, she has participated in several artivist projects (including SeaChange2014) and currently she also participates in Barcelona en Comu, the ruling party of the city of Barcelona.

She is also a shiatsu practitioner, an emerging ceramicist, she is obsessed with other-than-human living beings and has produced several videos for both academic and activist purposes.

Here there is a short animation movie she produced to communicate her research to non-specialised audiences.

Here, a short video in Spanish about the SeaChange Flotilla in 2014.


David Borton [Captain]

David is the creator of Solar Sal – the handmade 100% solar boat that is hosting the SeaChange Voyage this year. More information about the Solar Sal can be found at:


Melissa Billington

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 8.15.17 AM

I’ll be helping out as needed, facilitating ceremony/prayer with & for the water, possibly sharing my stand-up comedy bits, as well as This Is How I Pray–Ear2Earth, an embodied poem of prayer I first shared last December in New Zealand to raise money for those protecting water at Standing Rock.

It’s taken me most of my life to “come out” about my ancestry because even though it’s such an illustrious lineage, it’s also so far back in time that I didn’t feel I had a right to say I was “native”. Yet my family has always been very proud of our direct line from Pocahontas & her father Powhatan Wahunsenacah. I started researching Matoaka’s story in the early 1990’s but it wasn’t until 2014 that I brought all of my explorations together into a solo show co-created & performed in New Zealand, where I’d been living since 2005– PocaHauntUs–Shapeshifting History into HerStory.

My intentions with this piece were many, but one was to marry indigenous transformative storytelling with western performative theatre as a fractalized version of the unhappy marriage between the collision of two paradigms of people that began in the late 1500’s (according to the white-man’s calendar). I also intended to transmute ancestral poison into potion for present & future generations by naming the patterns in my family tree that had done harm.

In the past 3 years I have since stepped up, with humility & reverence, to the ancient traditions of the First Nation people whose blood is so thin within me, but whose spirit is so strong that I, finally, feel I have come home. The prayersongs I have been entrusted with have been the only thing that makes any sense to me in this increasingly crazy world. Principally my prayers are for water, which, as the Lakota say, is not a resource but the source of life itself. Each day I sing to the water, in everything. And as I’ve been blessed to travel this earth I have seen the relationships many cultures have to water. In 2015 I walked Seneca Lake with Anishinaabe Grandmother Sharon Day & this August I’m honored to join her & 4 other women to walk the full length of the Missouri River in prayer.

You can find more about me through my writings at, my performative work on my YouTube site, & MYOGA, my teachings for greater empowerment & emancipation-in-this-lifetime at​.

Ian Stearns

ian stearns

Ian is a Brooklyn-based musician, manager of content partnerships at SoundCloud, Grammy Award-winning audio engineer, and director of social media for 350 Brooklyn. Originally from Vermont, he developed a strong connection to the Hudson River over the course of a decade of trips to The Clearwater Festival.


Leah Valez

Bio coming soon!